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UPS Battery Upgrade

Small UPS's have small batteries and short up time , instructions on how to upgrade your uninterpretable power supply to larger capacity batteries , run time up to 5 hours on a 1500 kva UPS

Open ups box with batteries removed
 2 x 60 amp silver calcium lead acid car batteries.
This is a 24 volt ups , so batteries are in series.
UPS Battery Upgrade
All connected up and working , upgraded 2 x 7 amp to 2 x 60 amp
batteries , up-time has gone from 20 minutes to more than 5 hours.
powering a PC , laptop , DSL modem  router.

UPS Battery Upgrade
Batteries are under the desk , so are cool and no vibration
so should last a long time.
Cost: same as buying a new 1500 kva UPS.
A worthwhile upgrade for extended power outages.

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