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timer to switch the geyser on /off

Geyser timer reduced electric bill

A timer to switch the geyser on /off , and a modded plug with a light on it so you can quickly tell if its on or off. 8 different settings for days of the week , time , manual override , internal battery with 100 hours standby ...

Note: If you are unsure please use the services of a electrician , do this mod yourself at your own risk

Simple installation: FIRST SWITCH OFF THE MAINS TRIP SWITCH IN CASE OF ELECTRIC SHOCK , locate the geyser trip switch , remove the "live" wire coming out of it , locate the neutral wire , remove it , connect the wall mounted socket live and neutral wires in the locations where you removed them. Now connect the plug's live and neutral to the removed geysers wires. connect the timer between the wall socket and plug and set the timer to only switch on the geyser at your chosen time/s. Enjoy the reduced electricity bill and smaller emissions output.

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