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Trendnet ADSL modem router gets hot

 ADSL modem router gets hot
As we all know , heat is the the no.1 enemy of electronic components. After having 2 Trendnet units I find that they get pretty hot after some time , so this time I decided to cool this one down without voiding the warranty. As can be seem from the pictures , take 2 "smallish" fans , stip out all the parts of the middle one , glue the 2 together so that the outer fan blows air in , use a piece of thick plastic as the base and attach it the the bottom of the unit with double sided tape , close the open hole on the gutted fan that is closest to the modem , wire up a small power supply , I'm using a old Nokia phone charger at 10 volts. the unit now runs cool to the touch as it used to run "hot" on the outside , so it must have really been hot on the inside. This should extend the life of the unit by a much longer time.

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