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Radio controlled Rock Crawler

Radio Controlled Rock Crawler

radio control rock crawler

This RC car was built from my own design using a unique (one of a kind) suspension design giving it extreme suspension movement Re: articulation. The chassis and engines are all my own design and work , it took about 6 months to complete. The parts used where from many different manufacturers all integrated into my design. the part I of this design that I especially like is the motor/gearbox/diff assembly , as the motors and gearboxes have been taken from a Black and Dekker electric screw driver and geared down from about 10000 rpm to 150 rpm at the wheels , giving it incredible torque and climbing ability. Both front and rear diffs are locked.

My goal here was to put together a world class performing rig at a budget price , I think I have achieved this.

You can see the complete thread on RCCrawler.com here.

here are some videos , these still have the "old" body.





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