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News Trader

News Trader EA

News Trader is also Pending time EA - they are the same
Have you ever wanted to trade a news event ? , then sat in front of your P.C. waiting for the news to be released only to find that after the news is released the price has moved and its now too late to enter a trade ......

Enter News Trader: a Expert Adviser that you can setup to place pending orders before the news releases , you will almost be guaranteed to enter into a trade even if the price moves up or down.


You can get FREE FOREX NEWS SIGNALS from the following:





With News Trader you will be able to setup:

Watch the setup video

1. next date and time to place pending orders.

2. profit , stop-loss and step.If using a 4 digit broker 10 will equall 10 pips , if using a 5 digit broker
, add a 0 (zero) , so 10 pips will equal 100 , etc.
step is the number of pips above and below the current price that the pending orders will be placed.

3. lot size and expiry time.
expiry time in in seconds , the default is 900 seconds which equalls 15 minutes , check or try with your broker if less than 15 minutes can be used , if pending trades are not placed the expiry time might be too low.

4. your own comment displayed on the chart.

5. number of pending orders to place.Use this in mutiples of 2 , IE 2 or 4 or 6 , etc ...
example: if the setting is 2 it will place 1 buy and 1 sell pending order , if the setting is 4 it will
place 2 buy and 2 sell pending orders , etc ...

6. If during the minute that the EA is active and the market goes crazy up and down and the pending orders are triggered and then closed the EA will automatically open new pending orders according to the number of pending orders set - see point 5.

some helpful info

Do not make step to low , 10 pips is about the minimum , you can go higher you risk the orders not being
Do not make the take profit to big (dont be gready) , if you are sure the market will make a big move then
set take profit higer.
If you want to manually manage your orders then set the take profit and stop loss to high levels (50 pips)
and close the orders when you like.

The Expert Adviser will also show: number of pending buy / sell stops and total pending orders , and current spread.
Expert Adviser will work for 4 or 5 digit brokers.

Purchase this EA here for $25.00
Buy this file: Forex Pending time expert advisor , EA

Download the demo version here

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